Report for the project #DinEUröst2018


Report for the project #DinEUröst2018  #Dineuröst2018 is a project run by the NGO Mistral that aims at involving EU citizens living in Sweden in the democratic process so that as so many as possible take part in the 2018 elections and vote on the 9th September. In the project #DinEUröst2018, EU citizens had the opportunity to express their opinions and explain which problems and opportunities...

The EU Court of Justice strenghtens the rights of same-sex spouses


Love threatens neither national identity nor law and order. The European Court of Justice strengthens the rights of same-sex spouses. In case C-673/16 Coman, The European Court of Justice has ruled that the term ”spouse” in the free movement directive (2004/38/EG) includes persons living in same-sex marriages. The judgement is important because it clearly states that homosexual EU citizens have...

Freedom of movement and parental benefit


The Swedish Supreme Court has granted a leave to appeal in case 6869-17, in which The Swedish Social Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan) has denied parental benefit to a woman that is a resident in Sweden but has worked in Germany. The case revolves around whether the Swedish Social Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan) interpreted correctly Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 on the coordination of...

Include the Pillar of Social Rights in the Treaty


The European Pillar of Social Rights was formally ratified on Friday in Gothenburg by President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European parliament Antonio Tajani and President of the Council Juri Ratas. The pillar includes twenty articles aimed at strengthening citizens’ social rights and was already approved October 23 when the social ministers of the member...



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